Saturday, January 25, 2014

My First Ipsy Bag!!!

So I got my first Ipsy bag! And I didn't  love most of the stuff in it, I am super happy that I spent ten bucks to try stuff out instead of full price though, I like to try new stuff out, so I love that about the ipsy bag. Of course I get the first bag in months to not have a nail polish in it for my first bag! *;/ This will be a long post, I took some scary pictures for y'all, and I'll go from best to worst. I loved the Proactive Mark Fading Pads, there were 4 in the bag, I washed my face, rubbed the pad on my face, applied my regular moisturizer, and then used up the rest of the pads on my arms,  where I have awful dark marks from battling with acne pretty much my whole life. They cleared up the blemishes I had on my face in the 4 days ( I have Cystic Acne, it usually takes a week or 2 for a blemish to clear up) and the dark marks on my arms have significantly lightened up! Next was the Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Hair Mask, which I liked, I am obsessed with deep conditioners, and hair masks, so I always like to try out new ones, it smells pretty good, and worked about the same as the other ones I use. Then there's the Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in Pearl, this is a thin pencil, like an eyeliner, pretty difficult to use it like an eyeshadow, and because it is soft like eyeshadow, you pretty much use all the product that is on the end pretty fast, I saw in other reviews that some people had a difficult time getting more product,i it looks like you could twist the bottom, but you can't, so I sharpened mine, I figured it was gone , so if I couldn't get any more product out, I was going to throw it away anyway, but it worked, I can totally live without this, who wants to sharpen something every time they use it, I used it like an eyeliner, and on my browbone to see how it worked, I'll use it to highlight my browbone, and in the corners of my eyes, it was okay for an under the eye, eyeliner, it smudges pretty well. On to Nourish Organic Lightweight Face Lotion,  I guess Ipsy assumes if you have acne issues that you have oily skin, well, I have combination skin, and it's January I am having some major dryness in spots, so this just soaked right into those spots, and didn't spread much at all, it smells great though, so I'm going to give it another shot in the Summer when my skin is oilier, but I do not think it should've been in a winter bag, and they should have paired a better moisturizer with the Proactive pads, it is pretty common for acne products to dry your skin out! Anyway, lastly I have the Mica Beauty Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm. This is not a tinted lip balm, it is a jar of lipstick. Do not stick you finger in the jar like you would a lip balm it will stain it pink, you need to use a lip brush, it is so thick that it covered up the freckle on my lip, which a lot of actual lipsticks do not do, it was thick, and greasy feeling, but it dried my lips out as soon as I put it on, I did not like it, the only good thing was it is a pretty color, but I have plenty of similar colors that are easier to apply, and not yucky. Here are some pics of a very quick look I did because I wanted to try everything out that I got!

Here's a list of the other stuff I used....
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on lip pencil in Wicked, and eye pencil in 1999, dark horse eyeshadow on brows, and urban brow, big fatty mascara
NYX doll eye long lash mascara
Lorac 3d liquid Lustre in Diamond
Revlon be dazzling shimmer blush in Hint of Ruby
Almay Smart Shade primer
Hard Candy CC Cream in light 
Cover Girl clean compact Classic ivory
Kat Von D Swansong from the little sinner palette
Make-up Geek eyeshadow pigment in Sensuous

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