Thursday, October 10, 2013


I wanted to OOOoooooze a little bit over a couple of indie brands, and keep with the Halloween theme. I decided to use 2 of my favorite polishes, and do some green slimy, drippy nails! Drippy nails are my favorite, so you guys will be seeing lots of them this month. I wanted to do something with Chirality Katydid, because it's gorgeous, and it is on sale right now on Chirality's BigCartel and Etsy stores, but you better hurry! As I've said before, pea/lime green polishes are one of my weaknesses, and Chirality is one of my very favorite indie polish makers, they are awesome people, some of the nicest you'll ever talk to. LynBDesigns is one of the first indie polish brands I purchased, because she was having a great sale, she is almost always having a great sale, and her polishes are amazing, she has something for everyone, I have mentioned before Quoth the Raven is a true 1 coat black, and it dries really fast, so for those of us that are a little spooky, you really could throw a coat on right before you walked out the door, and this also makes it a great base for black jelly glitter polishes, it almost dried too fast for my drips! I also wanted to let you guys know that I have purchased from both of these brands more than once, and they have always shipped to me very quickly, I don't think I'm the only one who cares about great quality polishes, at a great price, that you're going to get fast, and you get all those things with both of these companies!

 This is 2 coats of Chirality Katydid with LynBDesigns Quoth the Raven drips, and instead of my usual I used 2 coats of OPI DS Top Coat, it's made to use over Holo Polishes, and doesn't dull them out as much as other top coats. I used a tutorial by Andrea's choice on YouTube to learn how to do the drippy nails.
Check out: Chirality Polish on FacebookChirality's Big Cartel Store, or Chirality Nail Polish on Etsy
LynBDesigns on Facebook and LynBDesigns on Etsy
OPI on Facebook and OPI's Website

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