Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Colour Pop Cosmetics Review

I have a review of some eyeshadows from a new brand called ColourPop Cosmetics, they have some awesome colors, at a great price, $5 and they offer free shipping over $30, great deal right? I had to try them out, and I was not disappointed! Their Super Shock Eye Shadow has  a long - wearing, creme powder formula, that is not advertised as, but is definitely water resistant, they are highly pigmented, and the glitter in the glitter shadows goes where it is supposed to, not all over your face, I did not get any bald spots when applying, and it really stayed put! I used my finger to apply Dare on my lid, and an eyeliner brush with Rex to line my eye, and underneath, and used a fluffy eye shadow brush for the rest, and it worked great! They are different than any other shadows I have, they are so soft that they almost feel like a cream shadow, but not really, if they are creams they dry so fast that you don't notice it, and it was really easy to clean them off my brushes, they wiped right off. I highly recommend these shadows, and you guys will be seeing more of them on my blog for sure!

I used Tassel on my browbone, Dare on my lid, Envy in my crease, Rex to line my eye, above and below, and Ratchet on my eyebrows. 

A close up of NYX Blue Velvet, because I love it!!!

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