Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NYX Macaron Lippie's

I am so super excited about the new Macaron Lippie's from NYX, I have wanted to get some of these colors from other companies but didn't want to spend the money on them, especially when these types of colors can be hard to wear, sometimes too thin or too chalky, please keep in mind that I don't photoshop my pics, I want for people who read my blog to see a real picture of what products really look like on me, and hear my honest opinion about the products.  So let's get to it....

Coconut, White, the white is a little chalky, but mixes well with the other colors

Citron, Yellow, This one was a little on the thin side, but so is my OCC Traffic, actually it's thinner than this, I'm hoping I can layer them for better coverage.

Citron, and Coconut together

Orange Blossom, Orange

Orange Blossom, and Coconut together

Orange Blossom, and Rose together, a great combo!

Rose, a Lavender Pink

Rose and Violet, another great combo.

Violet, Royal Purple, one of my favorites

Lavender, Lavender, this one is also on the thinner side, but looks better in person than this pic.

Earl Grey, Powder Blue, this one also looks better in person.

Earl Grey and Coconut

Blue Velvet, Electric Blue, another one of my favs, at this point in the swatch, my lips started to get red from wiping, so it's showing through a bit in the pics, but didn't show through at all in person.

Blue Velvet, and Coconut, a cool combo

Pistachio, Mint Green, this is the one I was the most excited about, it's a little thinner than I wanted it to be, but I still like it a lot, and it looks better in person.

Pistachio, and Coconut

Key Lime, Lime Green, I was the most disappointed in this one, I was really excited about it, and it is super thin. *:(

Key Lime and Coconut, Key Lime was the thinnest, and Coconut was the chalkiest, so they didn't mix very well. *:/

Black Sesame, Light Grey, this was the other one that I was super excited about, I really like it a lot, it's another one that looks better in person.

Black Sesame, and Coconut, another great combo

Black Sesame, and Chambord, LOVE this Combo!

Chambord, Black, Okay my lips are a mess at this point, sorry, but anyway, it's black, really black, full coverage black, love it, love it , love it!

Chambord and Coconut, so lightest to darkest mixes great!

Overall, I am super pleased with this collection, it is a lot of fun, and at 6 bucks a piece I think they are a great deal,  I think the thinner ones can be set with eyeshadow, or mixed with something else to make them more useable.  

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