Thursday, May 1, 2014

Good Day Sir!

It has taken me forever to try out the Indigo Bananas Willy Wonka Collection that I got at Christmas, I WAY overspent on sales, and pretty much have been on a "no buy" since, and am still catching up on my untrieds. These are the first Indigo Bananas polishes I've gotten, and I love them! The mini's are a great size, and the formula on the polishes is great, and a lot of this collection are holos with glitter in them! WONDERFUL!

I used 1 coat of Indigo Bananas You Get Nothing! (Good Day Sir!) over 2 coats of Color Club Revvvolution, and topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

Check Out: Indigo Bananas on Facebook or Indigo Bananas' Website
Color Club Nail Lacquer on Facebook or  Color Club's Website
Seche Nails on Facebook or Seche's Website

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