Friday, May 9, 2014

My Pretty Zombie Review

I have a "new to me" indie makup brand on the blog today, My Pretty Zombie, and I am absolutely in LOVE! I love trying out indie makeup, but I have to say I am disappointed a lot, from website pictures that are not accurate, improper packaging for shipping, which resulted in some spilled eyeshadows, and melted lipsticks, quality that is just not up to par, or makers that are just plain rude, and I had NONE of these problems with MPZ! I ordered the MPZ Best Sellers Collection, but switched everything out in it to colors I know I'll wear all the time, and that weren't like other stuff I have (I am going to order it the way it's supposed to be the next time I order) you basically get a free eyeshadow if you order this set, I got an LSD Blush, a muted grey plum with a red to gold shift, and three eyeshadows, Tenderloin, red plum with blue shimmer, Tara Yvonne, midnight blue with dark red glitter, and Osedax, a taupe color with a green/gold shift, and purple glitter, I think, the description on this set was an ingredient list, instead of what they look like, all the other shadows tell you what they look like, and MPZ is in the process of getting eye swatches for all of them. I also got Ojo de Gato which is a blackened copper color that was a limited edition for April, ALL of the proceeds went to The Blind Cat Rescue, and Law Firm Lamb Cake, White with Pink Shimmer and Pastel Multicored Glitter.  As I said in the middle of all of this I had to send an email from the website to switch out all the colors in the set, MPZ got back to me so fast, was so very nice, and switched everything out no problem, all of the products are highly pigmented, long wearing, easy to apply, and even prettier in person than they are on the website, and the packaging is precious, and all of the products are individually sealed, which is a plus for me, I understand that it is a waste of plastic, but I am totally a germaphobe, and as mentioned above, I have had pots of eyeshadow spill all over the place in shipping because it wasn't sealed right, so I like them being sealed. She also sent me free samples of Mary Jane, Bettie, and 13 Gypsies eye shadows. Expect to see lots of MPZ products in the future! Here are a couple of quick looks with a few of the things I got this time...

How cute is this packaging!

My Pretty Zombie Law Firm Lamb Cake on my browbone, and in the crease over Urban Decay Black Dog, which is just a plain matte black eyeshadow, so I could show the shimmer, and My Pretty Zombie Tenderloin on my lid, and under eye. Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion, and Black Velvet Liner set with Black Dog in waterline. Mary Kay Lash Love in I <3 Black over Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash

Full Face With MPZ LSD Blush, Wet 'n' Wild Sugarplum Fairy Lip

Urban Decay Midnight Cowgirl on browbone, My Pretty Zombie Ojo de Gato in the crease, and MPZ 13 Gypsies on lid and under eye. Urban Decay Black Velvet eyeliner Set with Urban Decay Black Dog in waterline, NYX Jet Set Eyelashes, Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash.

I used My Pretty Zombie Ojo de Gato over NYX Chambord

Full face with MPZ LSD blush

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