Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pretty Serious Naughty Night Shift Nurse and Glisten and Glow Duo

Happy Hump Day lovelies! I am very excited to show you guys Pretty Serious Naughty Night Shift Nurse today. The first time this polish was offered was the day before my birthday, and it was going to be my little present to myself, and then it sold out in under a minute. *:(
But it was worth the wait. Now for a little bit of a downer,  A lot of the other bloggers I follow are "falling out of love" with Seche Vite, well, i am not, i love the base and the topcoat, and I love it over any kind of polish, but I was running low last night when i did my nails, so I decided to try this HK Girl Fast Drying and Super Shiny Top Coat by Glisten & glow that everyone is raving about, and I got some shrinkage....

This is just overnight, I do my nails at night while i watch my shows, then go to bed, and take my pictures the next day after I wash my hands a few times to get any polish mistakes off of my fingers. (I have major skin issues, so my cuticles are crazy, too crazy to use polish remover to clean up) I was a little disappointed, the formula to me was exactly the same as OutTheDoor Super Fast Drying Top Coat For Nails, which i also get some shrinkage from, so I use it on my toes, and don't complain, because it's $3. If you love OTD then you will love this top coat, but I'll stick with my Seche Vite, it dries faster, and is a little thicker, which means it tames glitter better for me. I ran to Sally's and picked some more up, (and got a free bottle of base coat, SCORE!), tried not to kill myself staring at NNN in the sun while i was driving, touched up my tips put a coat of Seche on and took another picture, this time outside...

There, much better, this is very close to what Naughty Night Shift Nurse looks like on me, it is a purple/pink duo-chrome with gold/red flakes, and a blue shift, that is a red shift in low light, and sunlight, but i couldn't capture in any pictures, STUNNING!!! It applies well, like all the Pretty Serious polishes I have, but is a little thinner than the other ones I own, because of that you get a "jelly" effect and can really see the flakies through the other coats,  i used 3 coats of NNN, 2 coats of HKGirl, and 1 coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
 Normally I use the same base coat as whatever brand of polish I am using, and I use Seche Vite Base Coat With Indie polishes, but I decided to try out the Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! Long Lasting, Stain Preventing + Sticky Base Coat, since I was trying out the top coat,  it works pretty well, I don't have any chips after my shopping trip, but it smells crazy, maybe a little like glue, I'm not sure, it's crazy, and if you do a third pass on your nail it starts to dry enough that you get strings, like a glue gun, but still takes the full 10 minutes I give regular polish to dry completely, it is kinda neat though, polish does really stick to it!
Pretty Serious on Facebook or Pretty Serious Cosmetics Website * they do offer international shipping at a reasonable price, but you can also purchase their polishes from Llarowe
Glisten & Glow on Facebook or Glisten&Glow's Website * I purchased mine from Overallbeauty, Kim  the owner is wonderful, offers lots of awesome Indie polish brands, and makes some pretty awesome eyeshadows too, and she ships crazy fast!
Seche Nails on Facebook or Seche's Website * I always buy mine at Sally Beauty Supply

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